After your translation is complete, our team conducts a thorough revision and review to guarantee the quality. Our extensive revision involves examining both the original text and the translation to confirm the content is properly localized for the target audience. As a final review, we also assess the translation on its own to confirm it feels natural to native speakers.

ANDO Translations

Quality Content, Guaranteed

Each project goes through a thorough quality assurance check before delivery to ensure the highest quality. Each piece is vetted through our platforms to eliminate any issues before it gets to you so you have clean content that’s ready-to-use.

& Localization

Our translators and linguists produce top-quality translations that sound natural to native speakers. Idioms, tone, and terminology are all double-checked for only the best content.

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by Industry Experts

Our team is filled with subject-matter specialists across fields, including life sciences, information technology, and manufacturing. They review each translation so it is completely accurate for its respective industry.

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